GRLwood / Meet The Giant / The Born Readies
Larimer Lounge Presents


Meet The Giant, The Born Readies

Ages 16+
Larimer Lounge Presents GRLwood on Sunday, November 3rd



Kentucky-fried queerdos GRLwood are back with their sophomore album I Sold My Soul To The Devil When I Was 12,out now on sonaBLAST! Records. Addressing the well established themes of punk rock such as politics and depression, along with new, much welcomed topics of queerness and sexuality, each song can be viewed as an internal monologue of a 12 year old, a pivotal age that throws a kid into the struggles and confusion of adolescence.

Meet The Giant

The Born Readies

Venue Information:
Larimer Lounge
2721 Larimer St.
Denver, CO, 80205