Knuckle Puck
Larimer Lounge Presents

Knuckle Puck

Heart Attack Man, Better Love

Ages 16+
Larimer Lounge Presents Knuckle Puck on Friday, March 20th

Knuckle Puck

Heart Attack Man

Heart Attack Man was birthed by the combustion of dark cosmic forces that have been swirling in my mind since the days of old. Alongside Adam Paduch since the beginning, this ancient and powerful energy spawned two EPs, as well as our debut album The Manson Family, whereupon Seamus Groman and Tyler Sickels joined us on our journey of extensive touring, with an intensity and velocity identical to the combustion of forces that begat this band

Better Love

Collaboration, visualization, and empathy make up the core of Chicago pop rock group Better Love. After playing music for nearly a decade through a variety of different projects, musicians Jackie Heuser, Brad Harvey, Daniel Walton and Kevin Provencher came together with a common goal of creating music that would paint a picture for their listeners and connect with people on a deeper level. In their short time together since 2017, Better Love has done just that by sharing their own experiences and not shying away from writing about personal struggles that everyone can relate to. “When we write music, we want to be able to put other people in our shoes, or try to put ourselves in theirs. We try to express that any sort of mental illness does not have to feel like such a lonely thing. We're all trying to get through it, and we all need different things at different times,” says vocalist and guitarist Heuser

Venue Information:
Larimer Lounge
2721 Larimer St.
Denver, CO, 80205