Sumthin Sumthin / VVEIRD /  Indigo Aura
Larimer Lounge Presents

Sumthin Sumthin

VVEIRD, Indigo Aura

Ages 18+
Larimer Lounge Presents Sumthin Sumthin on Sunday, October 13th at 2pm

Sumthin Sumthin

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Conrad Woodul, better known by his fans as ‘Sumthin Sumthin’ has been moving crowds with his music since he started playing the piano at the age of 8. Already influenced by a plethora of genres, Conrad at the age of 10, along with his punk rock loving father, attended a musically diverse festival in downtown Los Angeles. Accidentally stumbling across the electronic stage, Conrad’s appreciation for this experimental sound started to develop along with the general interest of being a part of the electronic dance community some day. For a while he contemplated scoring music for films, composing piano pieces on top of learning to produce. As he grew older into his teenage years, musical exploration and production expanded even further, influencing a track he produced called, ‘Windex.' This track pushed the boundaries of what he thought he was capable of, sparking an undeniable curiosity within electronic production


Indigo Aura

Venue Information:
Larimer Lounge
2721 Larimer St
Denver, CO, 80205