Tim Kasher

Larimer Lounge Presents

Tim Kasher

Allison Weiss, Terry Malts

Tuesday, 4/25

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$12.00 - $15.00

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Tim Kasher
Tim Kasher
Whereas The Game Of Monogamy was an orchestral album filled with theatrical arrangements, Adult Film favors less ornate, equally impactful instrumentation across its 10 affecting tracks. The album is filled with variations of Kasher’s signature blend of ruminative rock/pop, ranging from raucous and barreling (“American Lit,” “Truly Freaking Out”) to uneasy and undulating (“Where’s Your Heart Lie,” the dreamy “Lay Down Your Weapons”), from deceptively bright and poppy (“The Willing Cuckold,” “A Raincloud is a Raincloud”) to tempered and cascading (“You Scare Me To Death,” “A Lullaby, sort of”). Lyrically, Kasher is at his incisive best, thematically elastic and touching on aging (self-reflection and taking stock), mortality (one’s own and others’), and relationships of all kinds.
Kasher is joined on Adult Film by Sara Bertuldo (bass, vocals), Patrick Newbery (organ, keys, synths, horns), and Dylan Ryan (drums) – who backed him while touring around The Game Of Monogamy – as well as additional artists including Nate Kinsella (drums; of Make Believe and Birthmark) and Laura Stevenson (vocals; of Laura Stevenson and the Cans), among others. The album was mixed by John Congleton (St. Vincent, Wye Oak, Explosions In The Sky) at Elmwood Recording in Dallas, TX.
Allison Weiss
Allison Weiss
Call it cliche but sometimes a musician's inspiration can be broken down simply. Some are inspired by fame and money and some just want to tell their story to everyone. The latter is the best way to describe 25-year-old singer-songwriter Allison Weiss. "When I started playing, I wasn't so much inspired by other musicians as I was inspired by the need to get a feeling out into the world," she states. Weiss' honest, catchy, folk-infused powerpop have attracted a devoted fanbase over the last few years. While her music has changed stylistically, her passion to create music hasn't. "I've always been a writer. I've got a lot to say to people and the only way I know how to do it is through pop songs."

Weiss first picked up the guitar at the age of 14. Inspired by pop punk and the ups-and-downs of young relationships, her journey began. Throughout it all, Weiss always embraced a DIY ethic. "I've always been a shameless self promoter. I never counted on finding anyone who believed in me as much as I did, so I just learned to handle everything myself" she says.

Confidence in herself mixed with natural online marketing skills has helped Weiss' spread her music to new audiences. Two highly successful Kickstarter campaigns resulted in New York Times and Wired Magazine features and a panelist position at SXSW.

It was at this point, Weiss made one of the biggest decisions of her life and moved to Brooklyn. The change of scenery brought a whole new mindset when it came to making music. "In the past I was just a sad teenager in my bedroom writing hopeless breakup songs. I'm still a sad teenager on the inside, but I'm also a pretty happy adult trying to figure myself out and talk about love in a more mature way," Weiss reflects. Weiss' maturity shined on the self-released I Was An Island EP.

Earlier this year, Weiss received one of the biggest honors of her young career. She was handpicked by Lou Reed to join his backup band for a European tour. While some might be intimidated by the presence of a rock legend, she tried to absorb as much as possible from the experience. "Our soundchecks were two hours long and he'd be there the whole time, breaking a song down into the tiniest parts, perfecting the sound." Weiss remembers. "He has this way of breaking you down with brutal honesty and building you back up with the most genuine praise. One minute he looks you in the eye and says your note was terrible. The next minute he stops the song to tell you how beautiful you just sounded."

If she took anything from Mr. Reed however, it was the reminder to always have fun and enjoy the ride. The sky is the limit at this point for Ms. Weiss. "My favorite moment is right now. I feel like I've just made the record I've been dying to make. I started playing electric guitar again. I got my hands on a tour van. I played in Europe with a legend. I flew over the Atlantic four times this summer. I've got this constant feeling that something great is about to happen."
Terry Malts
Terry Malts
Terry Malts started as a project in 2009. Singer/bassist Phil Benson, guitarist/singer Corey Cunningham, and drummer Nathan Sweatt had been toiling in San Francisco band Magic Bullets for the last five years. While Magic Bullets had been known more for jangly guitars and fluid bass-lines, Terry Malts would be a cathartic 180-degree turn towards feedback and noise.

In 2010 the group self-recorded a six-song cassette entitled Distracted that saw release on the San Francisco-based Loglady Records imprint (Woolen Men, Permanent Collection). That year, while recording a follow-up called On A Halfpipe, Mike from Slumberland Records asked to release some of the songs from the Distracted cassette as a 7" single.

The resulting 7", I'm Neurotic, came out in early 2011 and tracks from the shelved On A Halfpipe cassette landed on another Slumberland 7" single called Something About You later that year.

With the help of two borrowed microphones, the band compiled a set of songs from both cassettes and recorded (or in some cases re-recorded) them in their rehearsal space during the summer of 2011 for a full-length album.

With the freshly-mixed record by Monte Vallier (Weekend, Soft Moon) under their arms, the band set about on their first national tour in October 2011.

The debut album Killing Time would be released on Slumberland on February 21st 2012 and more touring and festivals were on the horizon. By year's end the group had compiled another set of songs and began recording a second full-length record.

The follow-up album, Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere, was finished with more borrowed microphones only a couple of weeks before the band became a two-city entity. In January of 2013, guitarist/singer Corey Cunningham moved to Los Angeles and Terry Malts carried on logging frequent traveler miles on many of California's bus lines.

Distance did not slow the group down and after more touring the band took four new songs to Monte Vallier's studio in 2014 to dip their toes into the world of proper recording- where microphones did not need to be borrowed and a professional engineer could harness the cacophony.

The resulting EP, Insides, came out on Slumberland Records in September 2014.
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