Yellow Days

Larimer Lounge and Colorado Public Radio's OpenAir Present

Sold Out: Yellow Days


Saturday, 11/10

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$16.25 - $18.00

This event is 16 and over

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Yellow Days
Yellow Days
Few musicians capture the gritty warts ‘n all details of growing up and trying to grasp a sense of self quite like George van den Broek, better known as Yellow Days. “The reason why I make music is to understand myself and the world around me,” sums up the Manchester-raised, Haslemere, Surrey-based musician, whose candid, soul-doused songs have stood out in a crowd since his emergence in 2016.
On 2017’s debut EP ‘Harmless Melodies’ and full-length project ‘Is Everything Okay In Your World?’, we witnessed the first steps in van den Broek’s coming-of-age story. Both works, written and recorded in his garden shed and released via Good Years, vividly document new relationships blooming and old ones fizzing out, navigating the struggles that stem from change.
Now signed to Columbia, two skills highlight van den Broek as one of the strongest songwriters of his generation. First in how the lucid, sunny-side-up quality of his production juxtaposes against the inner turmoil he’s projecting. And secondly through his lyricism, and the way in which personal details can be translated to the lives of those listening in. His soul-bearing isn’t insular or alienating, it applies to anyone whose life alters in strange and unexpected ways. In other words, he speaks for all of us.
2018 single ‘The Way Things Change’ featured on the trailer for season two of acclaimed show Atlanta, handpicked by the show’s creator, Donald Glover. The song is about van den Broek’s “close group of friends,” he says, and the way they’re “all drifting apart, going to different places like we're all leaving each other behind.” Built from a Thundercat-like bassline and razor-tight drums, he sings acutely of being “trapped in my own head”, before he reminds himself (and again, anyone who can relate) that “you have to keep goin’.” It’s a “heavy tune”, he admits, but there’s a sense of strength and resolve burrowed deep within. Like the best Yellow Days songs, emotional darkness gets coated in bright, sparkling instrumentals. He describes it as “dutch happiness”, or a “fake smile from smoking a joint”; a joy that’s almost phoney. Because when you’re growing up and going through the motions, nothing is black-and-white happy or sad.
Now aged 20, at 16 he’d come home from school every day and retreat to his self-made home studio. Once it became clear music was his only real focus, he dropped out of college and flunked his exams. Since then, aside from when he’s on tour, he returns to that same studio to teach himself piano, guitar, bass and the fundamentals of production. “I just want to become a full producer-songwriter; someone who can play everything.”
His early material, while guitar-led, doesn’t neatly slot into indie territory, or indeed any other direct genre. That’s in large part due to his his rich, smoke-stained voice, which could easily lend itself to stripped-down soul or frenzied psych. Outside of Yellow Days, he also makes beats and hip-hop instrumentals, and a 2017 collaboration with Irish rapper Rejjie.
Musician / artist from Los Angeles, CA.
Venue Information:
Larimer Lounge
2721 Larimer St.
Denver, CO, 80205