Future Joy (Holiday Toy Drive)

Larimer Lounge Presents

Future Joy (Holiday Toy Drive)

MIDIcinal, Sassafactory, Maddneto, Elton Tom, FREE entry with toy donation!

Monday, 12/17

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

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Future Joy
Future Joy
Future Joy is an invigorating and refreshing addition to EDM. Debuting their first album, frontman Zach Simms performs on the saxophone, dj'ing with Frederic Park on the drums; Future Joy is a stellar fusion of Electronic Music with a taste of Sax and Soul! Straight out of the Milehigh City, Future Joy covers an array of sub genres in electronic dance music from dubstep to house to glitch hop to vaporwave. "The possibilities are limitless, and that’s something Future Joy proves in their debut self-titled album. A reflection of the Denver electronic scene today, Future Joy is a collaborative piece that pulls from many genres to create a sound that’s recognizable yet fresh. Iconic electronic music drops are met with some of the sexiest saxophone serenades your ears will ever hear. The boys are on a serious mission to get you laid.” (303 Magazine). Future Joy is the party you want to attend.
Even though Future Joy is a brand spanking new band, Simms and Park are no strangers to performance, having shared the stage with George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, Melvin Seals (Grateful Dead), Mickey Avalon, Boombox, Champagne Drip, and The Motet.
Through synchronicity Simms and Park met in the Colorado Music Scene and have been best friends ever since, essentially brothers. Working tirelessly to create this tasteful, soulful album, "Future Joy", is here to hydrate your thirsty ear holes.
MIDIcinal is the electro-funk, hip hop, bass and soul music producer, Scott Rhatigan. Currently based in Denver, CO, Scott is constantly exploring new boundaries of his production. Often times including a drummer or a horns player during his live sets, you will find yourself moving to a mix of classic old school boom bap with a new age bass-funk twist.
MIDIcinal has quickly gained a respect and a following in Colorado, sharing the stage recently with acts such as Break Science, Late Night Radio, Russ Liquid, Chris Karns, Blockhead, Esseks, Andreilien, Phutureprimitive, SuperVision and more! With plans to hit both the Midwest and the East Coast in early 2018, it’s advised that you keep an eye and an ear out for MIDIcinal as he pushes his limits to bring you what you need!
In the beginning, there was Sass.
A lone atomic drifter on a quest to rejuvenate
subliminal reverberations of divine bass frequencies
and balance the algorhythm with more feminine energies.

So with the gravity of will, she manifested a team of three,
each element humming her own exquisite melody
Illuminating orbit through perfectly aligned harmony
A trinary star symphony echoing universal synergy

Sacred G's rooted in the medley of the galaxies


A big bang of a blastoff blooms into a soundwave supernova...
Striking chords from the coda to the cadence,
serenading and reshaping, interluding constellations
sparking imaginations with their cosmic radiations

A nuclear fusion of electrosoul funkhop
specifically prescribed to elevate dat ass
transcending sonic boundaries beyond critical mass
cultivating Colorado culture through the craving to create,
coloring outside the lines of our hot box state

So join us on this multiversal musical mission
Our vision is to magnify our droplets of wisdom
Mothafunkin trill magicians of this fabulous fission
weaving interstellar rhythms with our stellar transmissions

Tune in...
Madison Shea a.k.a. “MADDNETO” is a female bass music artist from Denver, Colorado. Quickly developing a passion for electronic music after her first electronic show in 2014, MADDNETO brings an unexpected heat to the local bass music scene in Denver through her live mixes and experimental music tastes spanning from genre to genre, including but not limited to drum and bass, experimental bass music, dubstep and trap. Shea has been versed in piano and violin from the age of 12, and continued her musical education and passion by becoming involved in the music and Recording Arts program at the University of Colorado.
MADDNETO is a project which combines classical musical elements with the energy-filled modern-day elements of heavy-hitting electronic basslines, synthwork and rhythms into one cohesive and exciting performance which keeps the crowd on their toes and constantly moving. MADDNETO is a resident DJ for local Denver party bus company Bus To Show with plans of expanding her reach throughout the entire state of Colorado and beyond. She has become a trusted source in the Denver area as one of the heaviest hitting bass music chicks in the industry. MADDNETO is a powerhouse of electronic energy and passion, feeding off of her devoted followers and the beautiful human energy that they give and she aspires to absorb.
Venue Information:
Larimer Lounge
2721 Larimer St.
Denver, CO, 80205