Colors And Static

Larimer Lounge Presents

Colors And Static

Jade Vases, Seasons

Sunday, 4/28

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$10 - $12

This event is 18 and over

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Colors And Static
Colors And Static
There’s no better way to celebrate your ascendancy to Operating Thetan Level 8 than listening to some kick-ass rock and roll. Even better if that kick-ass rock and roll comes from Denver, Colorado, which is the only city God would bother to visit if he ever even gets around to returning to Earth at all. Speaking of heaven, Jesus and the Apostle Paul both love to torch a blunt and hop in a ’67 Camaro and drive around the Kingdom listening to Colors & Static (don’t worry: there are no car crashes up there so it’s totally cool to drive high). Frankly, it’s much, much more dangerous to listen to Colors & Static when you’re driving, because their music is known to provoke violent fits of air-drumming, vigorous grooving, uncontrollable bursts of air guitar, and general lead-footedness. And oh man, are you ever going to embarrass yourself when the person next to you at the stoplight catches you singing along at 1,100 decibels when you don’t realize you have your windows down. That sorta spacey-but-groovy, muscular-but-thoughtful indie rock they play is the sort of music that will take you so far out into the cosmos you might never come back, friend. It’s like the sort of stuff your dad would get stoned and listen to when he was your age (isn’t that crazy to think about? Your dad, looking sort of like you, smoking weed and listening to records with his friends, who look sort of like your friends? Weird. You should call him. You don’t call him enough.) like Steely Dan, Boston, Toto, Kansas, or hell, even Wilco if your dad is young enough, but with a harder edge, boomin’ grooves, and healthy dose of punk rock energy (remember kids, never take more than a healthy dose of punk energy or you’ll wind up playing bass in a ska band with four dudes who have shaved heads. Oi! Oi!). No, friend, it’s best not to listen to Colors & Static while traversing the highways and byways of these United States. You wouldn’t want to besmirch Dwight D. Eisenhower’s beautiful highway system by getting into an accident while air-drumming, would you? No, you wouldn’t.
Jade Vases
Jade Vases
Drawn from a junk drawer of mangled signals and minor tragedies, Silver Dots, the debut EP from Denver’s Jade Vases – Stephen Anderson (vocals, guitar), Ryan Servis (vocals, keys), Jake Moss, (vocals, guitar), Matt Hedgpeth (bass), and Lucas Huffman (drums) – is a meditation on ambiguity, asking the kind of questions that only lead to further introspection.
Silver Dots, to be released in the fall of 2018 on Really Very Recordings, sets and strikes moody scenes of forlorn carousels, their porcelain horse riders just beyond arm’s length, and of hastily smoked cigarettes in moonlit piles on the cool concrete of airport viewing lots. Cozied around heedlessly buoyant twin guitar lines, the existential pang softens, swept up in the current of everyday anxieties.
Captured between the muffled steps of feet above in a cinderblock basement and the buffeted roars of passing ambulances in a lofted living room, the whip-crack song cycle, cheekily self-described as “two-car garage rock,” is a product of patience and intimate intention. Moss’ guitar atmospherics winnow to the tight rhythms laid by founding member Joey Chance (The Oh Hellos), with Hedgpeth’s low-end picking in rumbling lockstep. The table carefully set, Anderson and Servis abide the pass-the-mic ethos of their forebears The Band and Dr. Dog, alternately exhaling explorations of uncertainty, alienation, and the agony and ecstasy of loving another from inches or miles away.
Venue Information:
Larimer Lounge
2721 Larimer St.
Denver, CO, 80205