Food & Drink

Craft Cocktails

Available in single or double!

Spicy Espolon Margarita $8.75
thai chilis, spicy marg goodness

Larimer Sprtiz $9.50
Aperol, Tanqueray, champagne, simple syrup. try to drink just one!

Old Fashioned $9
Breckenridge Bourbon, simple syrup, two kinds of bitters

Horsefeather $9
Buffalo Trace, ginger beer, lime, bitters

Dark & Stormy $9
Mt. Gay Rum, ginger beer, lime, orange bitters

Moscow Mule $9
Breckenridge Vodka, ginger beer, lime

Draft Beer Menu – Order by the Pitcher!

Pabst $5 pitcher $18

New Belgium Mountain Time $6.50 pitcher $24

Coors Light $5 pitcher $18

Breckenridge Autumn Ale $6.50

Ratio Rented World  $7

Sandlot local Hazy IPA $7

Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA $7

New Belgium Voodoo Ranger IPA $7

Denver Beer Company Graham Cracker Porter $7

Odell’s 90 Shilling $6.50

Bottles/Cans/White Claw/Cider/Wine

Stem Cider, Off-Dry $6

White Claw, Mango or Cherry $6

O’dell IPA $6

PBR Tall Boy $5.50

Guinness Tall Boy $7.25

Coors Banquet $5

Stella $6

Bud Light $5.50

Miller High Life $5.50

Montucky Tall Boy $5.50

Infinite Monkey Theorem White, Red, Rose, 8oz Can $8.50

J. Roget Champagne Bottle $8.50 or $20 bottle

N/A CBD 25 mg Dram Lemmongrass – N/A $9


Globe Hall BBQ

“Top 10 essential BBQ Spots in Denver” – Denver Eater

Pulled Pork Sandwich w/ chips  $7
Slow smoked chicken with our signature BBQ sauce, cheese, romaine, onion and tomato wrapped and served with chips

Smoked BBQ Tofu Wrap  $8 
Smoked Tofu with our signature BBQ sauce, romaine, onion and tomato wrapped and served with chips

Potato Salad  $2.50 
Creamy homemade red potato salad $2.50

Chips  $1



You can order Pizza from our neighbor the amazing Vero Italian here.