Larimer Igloo Experience Winter 2020-2021

-Enjoy local beer, craft cocktails & amazing Vero Pizza in outdoor dining bubbles in the heart of the RiNo neighborhood!

– Igloos are comfy, clean and outdoors.

Dress warm for your Igloo visit!  Some Igloos have heaters but still dress warm no matter what!

-We have 9 “Space Igloos” total, each with their own theme. Here are their names:

1. Millennium Falcon
2. Hal 9000
3. Jabba The Hut
4. The Nostromo
5. Falcon 9
6. Starship Enterprise
7. Planet Hoth
8. Baby Yoda
9. Dagobah System

-Igloos are available on a first come first serve basis!

-Have a special occasion where you want to reserve or guarantee an Igloo?    Consider the Chewbacca Package:

Chewbacca Package:
* rent the Millennium Falcon (our closest igloo to the bar)
*$100 rental rate per hour
*heated & warmed up for you
*dedicated igloo for your use
*up to six people
*21+ only
*email scott (at) larimerlounge (dot) com to coordinate

General Igloo Rules:

-First rule of Igloos is *dress warm for the igloos*.

-Each party must be from the same household.  Per govt order we can not seat parties from different households.

-Igloos can seat a max of six people. We can not seat late arrivals, everyone must be present when party is seated.

-There is no smoking in the Igloos.

-Masks must be worn every time you stand up or leave the Igloos.

-Each Igloo is thoroughly sanitized and aired out between parties.

-Feel to Bring Your Own Blanket for some extra warmth.

-Open until 8pm daily this winter!

-All persons must be 21+

-Want to listen to your music in your Igloo? We have blue tooth speakers available for check out at the bar.

-more info on our menu here

-You can order amazing pizza from our neighbor Eat Vero using the QR code on your picnic table.   Vero will deliver directly to your table!

-Vero Pizza is the only food that can be brought onto our patio, and drinks from Larimer Lounge are the only drinks permitted.

Did we mention you should Dress Warm?  Yes please.. dress warm!